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We offer a range of services to suit your individual needs

Sports Rehabilitation - A Graduate Sport Rehabilitator (GSR) is a graduate level autonomous healthcare practitioner specialising in musculoskeletal management, exercise based rehabilitation and fitness. Therefore, a sports rehabilitator specialises in all sporting and occupational injuries. So whatever your injury, sports rehabilitation can help.

A Sports Rehabilitator has the necessary skills to diagnose all musculoskeletal injuries including:-
o Neck and back pain
o Muscle strains
o Ligament sprains
o Neurological pain - such as sciatica

Once a diagnosis is made, a number of different treatment modalities can be used to help return you to your pre-injury levels of fitness.


TENS machine - This helps provide pain relief by inhibiting the pain messages that are sent to the brain. This is known as the pain gate theory. It can also help reduce inflammation that is found within injured muscles.

Sports Massage - This can be used as part of your treatment or as an individual therapy. It has many uses including increasing circulation and lymphatic flow as well as reducing muscle tightness which can decrease stress, swelling and ultimately pain.

Theraputic Ultrasound helps to speed up the healing process through thermal effects causing vibration of soft tissues encouraging the production of collagen fibres which is the main source in muscles, ligaments and tendons.

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Exercise Therapy - Home exercises are often given to compliment your treatment. These can help improve your range of movement, increase the strength of any weak muscles and stretch out any tight muscles. Any contributing factors to your injury can also be identified and specific exercises can be given to prevent the injury from returning.

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Dry Needling - Similar to TENS, dry needling can help with providing pain relief by inhibiting your pain signals. It can also be used to create a local twitch response within any trigger points associated with myofascial pain. This can be used alongside other treatments but can also be given as an individual treatment.

Our therapists can perform trigger point therapy, frictions, mobilisations and manipulations which can all help increase the range of movement, as well as reduce inflammation and pain.

As well as the above we also offer a number of other services -

Injury Prevention - a full body examination can identify any potential predisposing factors to musculoskeletal injury and health related disorders. Any muscle imbalances can be addressed as can any incorrect movement patterns. From this knowledge, the patient can be given exercises in order to rectify any incorrect movement patterns by recruiting or strengthening appropriate muscles and offloading those that are overactive/over working.

Nutritional Information -Nutrition is fast becoming a key component of health and fitness within both the realms of sport and the general population . Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain weight or improve certain areas of fitness, such as cardiovascular endurance or muscle strength, we can provide you with nutritional advice.

Alternative therapies - Advice on other therapies such as podiatry and hypnotherapy can also be given.

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